How to prevent teenagers from getting addicted

When a teenager is addicted, it can have adverse effects on their lives and those around them. An addicted teenager, if left untreated, can become an adult whose addiction situation would be complicated to treat.

Teenagers are in the stage of their lives where their brains are developing, and they tend to be more focused on the rewards of addiction than the risks. This can be challenging for parents especially those who don’t really have time to look after their wards.

Here are some helpful tips that parents can apply to prevent their teenagers from getting addicted:

Learn more about addiction

The first step is to arm yourself with sufficient information on addiction. You need to know how addiction develops, its effects and causes, its signs, etc. When you have a good idea of what addiction means, it becomes easier to be proactive in helping your teenager not get addicted.

Be a good example

If parents are addicted, it might be impossible for them to prevent their teenagers from getting addicted. Teenagers tend to borrow habits and behaviors from people around them. Therefore, if they see that you indulge in unhealthy habits, they might likely take after you. It is best for parents and guardians to engage in healthy activities that their children can emulate.

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Know their activities

Parents and guardians need to be conscious about what their teenagers do in their absence. This goes as far as knowing the people they hang out with, where they go to, what they do online, etc.

Parents need to knowingly play an active role in their teenager’s life as they grow to become full-fledged members of society. One of the ways is to treat them with love and care so that they can easily be let into their teenagers’ live.

Establish important ground rules

Another way to ensure your teenagers do not get addicted is by setting ground rules to guide them.

Make sure there’s an open line of communication that allows them to reach out to you when there’s a situation. You can make some of these rules flexible occasionally to allow for freedom.



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