Signs that a teenager is addicted to behavioral addiction

Behavioral addiction occurs when an individual is addicted to certain behaviors that might trigger the reward center of the brain. This makes the person become obsessed with that behavior that they might not be able to control themselves.

Even if there are negative effects that come with the addiction, they will continue to indulge in it. If you have a teenager, here are some of the common signs that they might be addicted to it.

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They spend much time on a certain behavior

One of the ways to know that a teenager is struggling with behavioral addiction is when they invest much time in that behavior at the detriment of other things.

This means that if they are addicted to video gaming addiction, they may lose interest in other productive activities that they once enjoyed. When you notice this pattern over time, they might be addicted.

They isolate themselves

Another sign that shows that a teenager is addicted to a behavior is when they prefer to isolate themselves from people.

Over time, they might detest social gatherings because they have nothing to gain from it. They may rather remain in their room or any secluded place where no one would find them. This would give them ample freedom to engage in their addiction.

It affects school performance

If the teenager is a student, their addiction is likely to affect their performance in school. There might be a few exceptions but most teenagers who are addicted struggle with getting good grades. A considerable decline might be observed in their grades over time.

They experience withdrawal symptoms

As with all types of addiction, when someone is not able to engage in their addiction for some time, they experience some withdrawal symptoms. They might be irritable, depressed, angry, moody, etc. When they eventually have access to the source of their pleasure, they will become okay.


If you suspect that your teenager is dealing with any type of behavioral addiction, you can assist them in getting help from a counselor or an addiction rehab.

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