August 2021

Ways to Sensitize Teenagers on the ills of addiction

There are many challenges associated with adolescence. The process of reestablishing a teen’s identity often means that they test the limits of parental control. This includes pushing the boundaries of every substance or activity that they indulge in. However, with drugs and alcohol, there are serious consequences. Globally, alcohol abuse and the abuse of illicit and prescription drugs continue to pose major health problems. According to the United Nations Office

Four benefits of regular health checkups

There is no doubt that preventing diseases is better than curing them. In many cases, we can’t eliminate the risk of the disease from coming to us, but if the right precautions are taken, there are many situations in which the risk of disease can be minimized. Here is when regular health check-ups come into play. Regular health check-ups provide the following benefits:- It reduces the risk of getting sick.