Even though there are times when it is difficult for us to maintain our cool, it is advised that we strive to remain okay with everyone. Sometimes, the weather affects our mood, and it does not get better until the weather improves. Most people are not aware of this however.

Below are some healthy habits which will definitely improve your mood:

  1. Reduction and elimination of sugar: Research has shown that people who take too much sugar and junks, are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. Sugar has the capacity to change the functioning of your brain, thereby upsetting the serotonin levels which is needed for a good mood.

If you are someone who loves taking candy or cookies every time, then there are high chances that you would be sluggish and your stress level will increase.


  1. Reduce caffeine intake: A cup of coffee has the power to reduce your serotonin hormone secretion for around 10 hours. Hence, if you take coffee all through the day, there is a high chance that you will feel anxious and irritable. Instead of taking coffee, it is best to take green tea instead.

  1. Rest more: The effects of anxiety and depression are more than just having a bad mood. They affect the choices you make when it comes to food and sleep. When you improve your diet, you should also strive towards quality sleep. For the production of serotonin, it is important that you rest well, so that you can have a better mood.


  1. Exercise: It has been proved that exercise makes you happier, and it is a more profound way for mood management instead of antidepressants. When you work out before going for office, your productivity increases, and this is equally great for a habit which would also control your weight and health.


  1. Plan ahead: When you make plans, always ensure you have a backup plan. A good number of times, our mood changes when things do not go according to plan. We should always be ready for times like this.

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