The prevention of either drug and alcohol addiction among teenagers is one of the most profound ways to reduce the amount of adverse consequences which face teenagers and the entire society. Teen addiction is a big problem for a host of reasons. Teens are still in the process of the development of life skills; their identity, dislikes and likes.

When teenagers start experimenting with alcohol and drugs, thereby bowing to peer pressure because they want to fit in, they have unintentionally created a habit which might be difficult to conquer.

A strong foundation with clear-cut ideas on the adverse effects of what addiction can induce, is important to the prevention efforts set in place for teenage addiction. Basically, the goal of prevention is to ensure that teenagers cease to indulge in an action which has dire adverse consequences.

A good number of times, teenagers indulge in substance abuse because they want to cope with the stress which comes with emotional and mental conditions. Most times, these conditions are temporary, but the accompanying effects could be permanent.

Some examples are listed below:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Broken relationships
  • Grief, trauma and loss
  • Difficulty in making friends
  • Poor health
  • Low self-esteem

One of the most proficient measures to prevent addiction among teenagers, is Family influence. The prevention of alcohol and drug abuse can begin at home. Parents need to start talking to their children, and not leaving out the adverse effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Talking to children when they are young can aid in laying a strong foundation for the awareness of alcohol and drug use, and when they become teenagers, they would not indulge in the act.

Prevention also aids in the creation of strong bonds between parents and children. Parents can use this opportunity to create consistency in communication, and guidance which can be maintained for years.

In addition, governmental agencies, school personnel, community leaders and the likes, can aid in teaching children how to live a life free of alcohol and drugs. This is quintessential in preventing teen abuse before they become adults.

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