Health improvement does not necessarily mean inculcating certain big changes into your lifestyle, as most people think. All it needs to achieve this, is by applying some basic tips and your lifestyle improves with time

Below are some basic nutrition and health tips for an overall health improvement:

  • Avoid sugar calories drinks: A good number of people are in the habit of doing this, and they cannot be blamed because these drinks are known to give your energy levels a boost. However, they have an adverse effect on the body, they are known to induce obesity, diabetes type-2, heart problems and a host of others.

The same applies to fruit juices, as they are equally not advisable to drink. It is not easy to stop drinking them in one instant, however, it is advised to gradually reduce their intake.


  • Avoid junk food: Alongside sugar calories drink, people eat junk food. People find junk foods as advantageous because it saves them the time of having to prepare their own meals. Hence, they can go about other activities with that saved time. These foods contain lots of unhealthy ingredients such as refined grains, sugar and the likes, and they are very unhealthy for the body.


  • Have enough sleep: This is essential for your body to rid itself of stress. People who do not have enough sleep tend to gain weight; for others, their mental and physical performance reduces.

  • Evade bright lights before sleeping: Exposure to bright lights in the evening could adversely affect the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone.


  • Take fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables come with lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the likes, and it is advised that they replace the place of snacks in our diet.


  • Take enough protein: Enough protein intake has the capacity to increase metabolism, and it reduces the cravings for you to eat late in the night.


  • Avoid hard drugs and alcohol: These two are known to have adverse effect when taken excessively, as it leads to addiction. Hence, it is best to avoid them completely.

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