Methadone Addiction In Canada

Methadone is known as “a synthetic analgesic drug that is similar to morphine in its effects but longer acting, used as a substitute drug in the treatment of morphine and heroin addiction.” But what happens when a drug that is supposed to act as an aid to one’s addiction, turns into an addiction itself? That’s why it becomes difficult for some who struggle with substance abuse to not find themselves dependent on Methadone. For even though it’s meant to replace and/or ween the addict off of the current drug it can also cause him/her to rely on it just as much if not more. 

Unfortunately, “In Canada, there are only 7% of the residential treatments that will accept people whom are on methadone.” In addition, people oftentimes think that methadone is okay, and dismiss one abusing the substance because if it is prescribed by a medical professional, then most have put their trust in him/her, in hopes that he/she is trained on the amount that he/she has prescribed. However, even if individuals are prescribed the right amount, they may begin to take way larger of a dosage than they are supposed to in a short time frame, and/or short amount of time. 

That’s why much controversy takes place in regards to the drug as some agree that it poses as beneficial in weening the addict off of the drug, while others feel as though it only worsens the addiction of the addict (by weening him/her off of one drug, and causing him/her to grow addicted to another). In turn, it’s important that those who feel as though they’re developing a methadone addiction seek help before it’s too late, or else the substance could not only injure them, but result in their death.

In conclusion, those who are taking methadone through discontinuation therapy must be certain that they are taking the exact amount as directed by their doctor. It is only then that they can safely withdrawal from the substance without forming a dependence on another. Yet if they begin to feel different when taking the alternative, it is best for them to talk to their doctor so that another potential addiction can be avoided and/or prevented at all costs. Through detox or rehabs those who are struggling to quit methadone are able to rid their body of the toxins, not on their own, but with guided assistance, so that they may resume a healthy drug free life.

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