Ways to Sensitize Teenagers on the ills of addiction

There are many challenges associated with adolescence. The process of reestablishing a teen’s identity often means that they test the limits of parental control. This includes pushing the boundaries of every substance or activity that they indulge in. However, with drugs and alcohol, there are serious consequences. Globally, alcohol abuse and the abuse of illicit and prescription drugs continue to pose major health problems. According to the United Nations Office

Four benefits of regular health checkups

There is no doubt that preventing diseases is better than curing them. In many cases, we can’t eliminate the risk of the disease from coming to us, but if the right precautions are taken, there are many situations in which the risk of disease can be minimized. Here is when regular health check-ups come into play. Regular health check-ups provide the following benefits:- It reduces the risk of getting sick.

Benefits of sleeping to your health

Sleeping is vital to your emotional, mental and physical health. This is why sleeping should not be understated. The idea of sleeping is not just a good one, it is a crucial one. Below are some benefits you harness from sleeping Stress reduction: If you don’t sleep well enough, your stress hormones over-produce and this is disadvantageous to your health. When you sleep deep on a regular basis, it is


The term “shopping addiction” is quite new to a lot of people. Most people do not believe in their existence because they see nothing wrong with shopping. However, they fail to realize that when your brain craves a certain form of enjoyment and pleasure that makes you do an act obsessively, addiction is in play. One of the ways to know if you are addicted to shopping is when you


Even though there are times when it is difficult for us to maintain our cool, it is advised that we strive to remain okay with everyone. Sometimes, the weather affects our mood, and it does not get better until the weather improves. Most people are not aware of this however. Below are some healthy habits which will definitely improve your mood: Reduction and elimination of sugar: Research has shown that


Gaming addiction is a mental health condition which affect lots of people all over the world. There are several people who play video games, and a good number of them do not have an addiction. However, there is a thin line between having healthy fun by playing games and addiction. This addiction is the adverse effect which it has on your life. Basically, games are designed to ensure that you


The prevention of either drug and alcohol addiction among teenagers is one of the most profound ways to reduce the amount of adverse consequences which face teenagers and the entire society. Teen addiction is a big problem for a host of reasons. Teens are still in the process of the development of life skills; their identity, dislikes and likes. When teenagers start experimenting with alcohol and drugs, thereby bowing to


Health improvement does not necessarily mean inculcating certain big changes into your lifestyle, as most people think. All it needs to achieve this, is by applying some basic tips and your lifestyle improves with time Below are some basic nutrition and health tips for an overall health improvement: Avoid sugar calories drinks: A good number of people are in the habit of doing this, and they cannot be blamed because

Methadone Addiction In Canada

Methadone is known as “a synthetic analgesic drug that is similar to morphine in its effects but longer acting, used as a substitute drug in the treatment of morphine and heroin addiction.” But what happens when a drug that is supposed to act as an aid to one’s addiction, turns into an addiction itself? That’s why it becomes difficult for some who struggle with substance abuse to not find themselves


Substance abuse is the overuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or over-the-counter medications. The line between use and abuse is not always clear. A person has to decide where the line is for him or herself. Substance abuse may feel like a loss of control, an inability to stop using a substance once you start, a dependence on the substance, and/or cravings for it. You may have a strong