The Benefits of a Mind-Body Approach to Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that physical health and mental health are intertwined — take a pause from the stresses of modern life and you can see that it impacts all facets of your wellbeing. For many, this means focusing on traditional ways of deliberating physical health by purchasing gym memberships, focusing on their diets and following a consistent sleep schedule. However, it’s not enough to just focus on physical health—a comprehensive

Teens, what is their first addiction?

As a society, we are all aware of the potential implications of addiction, whether it be to drugs or alcohol. We are keenly aware of the risks that come with these addictions, and in turn, we strive to instill in our youngsters the importance of making the right choices when it comes to substance use. However, there is one form of addiction that often goes undetected, and yet is one

How to prevent teenagers from getting addicted

When a teenager is addicted, it can have adverse effects on their lives and those around them. An addicted teenager, if left untreated, can become an adult whose addiction situation would be complicated to treat. Teenagers are in the stage of their lives where their brains are developing, and they tend to be more focused on the rewards of addiction than the risks. This can be challenging for parents especially

Benefits of Developing a Healthy Wellness Routine

We all want to feel physically and mentally healthy, but it can be difficult to do this on our own. Developing a healthy wellness routine is one of the best ways to make sure that our bodies and minds stay in top condition. It can be hard to make the time and space for yourself to focus on your personal wellbeing, but when you do, you will reap the rewards

Signs that a teenager is addicted to behavioral addiction

Behavioral addiction occurs when an individual is addicted to certain behaviors that might trigger the reward center of the brain. This makes the person become obsessed with that behavior that they might not be able to control themselves. Even if there are negative effects that come with the addiction, they will continue to indulge in it. If you have a teenager, here are some of the common signs that they

Ways to Sensitize Teenagers on the ills of addiction

There are many challenges associated with adolescence. The process of reestablishing a teen’s identity often means that they test the limits of parental control. This includes pushing the boundaries of every substance or activity that they indulge in. However, with drugs and alcohol, there are serious consequences. Globally, alcohol abuse and the abuse of illicit and prescription drugs continue to pose major health problems. According to the United Nations Office

Four benefits of regular health checkups

There is no doubt that preventing diseases is better than curing them. In many cases, we can’t eliminate the risk of the disease from coming to us, but if the right precautions are taken, there are many situations in which the risk of disease can be minimized. Here is when regular health check-ups come into play. Regular health check-ups provide the following benefits:- It reduces the risk of getting sick.

Benefits of sleeping to your health

Sleeping is vital to your emotional, mental and physical health. This is why sleeping should not be understated. The idea of sleeping is not just a good one, it is a crucial one. Below are some benefits you harness from sleeping Stress reduction: If you don’t sleep well enough, your stress hormones over-produce and this is disadvantageous to your health. When you sleep deep on a regular basis, it is


The term “shopping addiction” is quite new to a lot of people. Most people do not believe in their existence because they see nothing wrong with shopping. However, they fail to realize that when your brain craves a certain form of enjoyment and pleasure that makes you do an act obsessively, addiction is in play. One of the ways to know if you are addicted to shopping is when you


Even though there are times when it is difficult for us to maintain our cool, it is advised that we strive to remain okay with everyone. Sometimes, the weather affects our mood, and it does not get better until the weather improves. Most people are not aware of this however. Below are some healthy habits which will definitely improve your mood: Reduction and elimination of sugar: Research has shown that